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I'd lose all morals and dignity for some time with the following:

Marlon Brando in streetcar named desire - His "HEEY STEEEELA" as he's standing there dripping wet with a ripped shirt and then when he bends over as he holds her and that back..Guh, sexy stuff. Totally a one night stand I'd go for.

Christian Bale - just gorgeous with killer cheekbones and luscious hair you wanna put your fingers in, but his body, God his body...He'd be Hot and intense, He'd break the bed i just know it ...This one would be a full blown affair lasting months with intense 'love' sessions for days at a time.

Tom Hardy - His lips..that is all....Some heavy petting with this one.

Jared Leto - just too pretty with stunning eyes...I could def have a makeout session with him.

Hugh Jackman - i don't really want much to happen with him, I've only ever wanted to 'look' at him and his body, I'd totally watch him having a shower though.

Johnny Depp - oh yes..just yes yes yes with a side of eyes rolling back into your head...I still pant over him grinding and licking the glass in Cry Baby

Henry Cavill - i drooled over him in the Tudors..He's totally boyfriend material and possibly marriage too, and he's gorgeous. He'd be the only one to get me into the cinema to see 'fifty shades of fart'

OK not just him, Matt Bomer/Christian Bale would make me see it too, but yeah I'd still have to cheat on him if i was offered the other guys on my list. I'm only human after all

FYI - This is all happening in my head so i can do what i want and consequences be damned, i actually have self respect/dignity in real life and wouldn't cheat on someone i loved regardless of the hotness presented to me..This list is for my fantasies where i can be as hedonistic as i like
Just greedy.
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