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From CDAN:

This female A+ list celebrity is being accused by an ex boyfriend of sending dead flowers weekly to the home of his current girlfriend.

From Pop Bitch:

Which married singer with a new album due out has been told by his team to stop shagging around as it might jeopardize the release? They're keeping an eye on him from now on.

From Celebzter:

She is used to seeing the drama of her family's life played out in the tabloids, but those stories are also a little money earner for her. She is drowning in a sea of debt and is estimated to owe over a $1 million dollars. But what is surprising, is that her own self-worth doesn't reflect her financial woes. The evidence? In a bid to keep the creditors at bay, she had her people try to organize exclusive interviews, with the going rate for a sit-down chat costing in the six-figure range. The offers, however, didn't exactly come flooding in - one organization felt her words were worth a mere $5,000. Ouch, that has to hurt, right?
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