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I bet Strachan wishes that England game wasn't happening. That could be brutal!!

I just wish those at the top were honest. Scottish football needs an honest appraisal of where it is right now in regard to the quality of player on display. I seriously doubt any other footballing mad nation would of done so little in 20 years as the decline in standards continued to drop year by year. Are these managers in denial or just honestly think the players on display are better than we all see as you gotta be crazy to take the job on.

When Levien said he thought scotland could win every game in this group he obviously was just messing? Why would anyone with a half a brain say such a thing? I don't think there is any group possible where Scotland can win every game.

Even when I hear the jokers on SSB talk about scotland there is way too much emphasis put on the manager and who his picking rather than the pathetic players available. Hearing pundits, journalists and fans talk about how many players play in England is beyond a joke.
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