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A part of me is wondering whether I should essentially skip PS4/720 and get one of these PC-Console hybrids, utilizing Steam Big Picture mode. The idea being to have it as both Home Computer and Games machine in one, in my living room.Now although this sector seems to be quite young there are a few products on the market

Alienware X-51

Digital Storm 'Bolt'

Xi 3 Piston (Steam Box?)

Whilst these are impressive the problem I have with them is that they seem to be fully focused at the premium end of the market, and whilst they're cool they seem to feature things like neon lights, carbon fibre casing, brushed 'gun metal grey side panels etc.' which to me just artificially bump up the price.

Therefore i'd be more interested in building my own sticking it in a cheap but ugly case and trying to shave a bit of money off.

Has anyone ever tried this hybrid pc-console route? How did you find it.
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