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Im just going to carry on waffling anyway, because I like waffling in the Peter Andre topics, sorry if this displeases you

Wondered what this award was what he won so looked it up, he was up against Olly Murs and Keith Lemon, one of them isn't even a real person, it's a character and the other not many people know about, it's hardly an achievement to win an award over those two, sorry to any Lemon and Murs fans and why is he wearing glasses? Has his eyesight gone now?
I wondered that too, Scone. I've never seen him wearing specs before.
Is he trying to look as intellectual as Saint Ems? (Give it up Pete, you'll never be anywhere near her IQ), or trying for a new Specwearer of the Year Award ?

He'd be SOTY then, instead of DOTY !
Oh did I not report donut duty? It's been a bit mental this week. Apparently they belongs to a friend of his an he swapped them with a friend to have his official photo taken with his award. The friend said they were plain glasses but when Pete put them on he couldn't see anything.

Draw whatever conclusion you like. I borrowed Mr Bennyboots arty drawing glasses once because I thought they made me look sophisticated. But he jokingly chirpped up "would you like my dodgy eyesight as well?" and after a pang of guilt I never wore them again
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