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Oh I'm not disputing that. But I don't think it's fair to pretend that back in the day he just had one single and then disappeared. He didn't.
He was like an awful lot of teen "stars" very famous, very quickly and they fall just as fast. The history of pop is littered with them, and for the vast majority they have one hit that they are known for. The Beiberthing is always written as "The "Baby" singer", B'witched are "The C'est La Vie group". It is what it is.

For the vast majority of the public who would recognise him as a singer he is known for one song, nearly 20 years ago. 1996, number one album, 1997, new album goes to number 28. Then nothing until the cashing in on IACGMOOH.

He was hardly setting the world alight with his song, was he?
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