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I keep seeing the word 'crate', I misinterpreted it for being a bed, and no it's a cage. A fancy word for a cage. Dogs should be brought up without being kept imprisoned. They are lovely clever creatures, and if not it's your fault for bringing it up wrong. My dog is pregnant and at the moment she's leaking everywhere, but I feel tight leaving her in the kitchen (I wouldn't want to stay in there alone, in the dark - it's haunted.) so she lies on a blanket on my bed. She is one of the most behaved and affectionate, cute springers you could meet, everyone loves her. Why on earth you'd want to lock up your dog is beyond me and it's disgusting. Would you lock up your kids in bars?! They aren't birds, they're man's best friend
Would i lock up my kids in bars...........
Er yes they were in cots until they had the understanding not to throw themselves downstairs or stick their fingers into electric sockets if they woke up during the night. puppy in crate for similar reasons. I lost a puppy as a teenager due to a freak accident during the night and while small they are safe and comfortable in their cosy beds snd kept safe. Both daughter and puppy have now grown out of this stage and are happy and well adjusted.

I have cramp in my neck looking up at some folk on their high horses. We all have our own styles of parenting and loving and caring for our animals.
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