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Only problem with that is, that joy riders often torch the cars they take without consent, so if it's borrowing, then what the
owners would get back is a burnt out wreck. The fact still remains, theft is permanently depriving an individual, a group
of people, a company or organisation of an item (or items) of property. Some ignorant fools choose to deny that fact.

It was reported recently (not for the first time) that online music piracy doesn't actually harm the sales of recorded music.
Anyone that says otherwise is either stupid or ignorant, or both. In the case of the BPI and the RIAA ... definitely both!
The pigopolists are dumb if they think they can stop it by forcing the courts to censor the internet. They never learn.
Yes you are right if they burn the car they are charged with theft . but if they just dump it not theft. Why they keep going to the courts to ban sites is just a waste of time, but i supose they have to be seen doing something. Untill all countrys come togeather the internet in alot of ways is un policeable
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