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or the freezing atmosphere, Hicky :p:D

I was trying to imply that at least the argentinians have weather suitable for growing pears on time - it must be almost summer there now.

My cherry tree's buds were doing just fine, until blanketed in snow.:mad:
I know cold air and ice fall, but they only fall due to gravity.:-)))))))))))))

My Cherry Tree had some buds emerging from dormancy but haven't broken it yet.
evening hicky :)

coincidentally, you talking about where you'd lived was interesting to me. where i live the town is a bit too big and city like for me. it's also expensive and i'm contemplating looking at being somewhere slightly smaller. i grew up in a very small town and i did find things a bit easier. i don't want to live in the middle of a big built up place. i'm lucky to be on the edge at the moment, but plan F is to downsize in population :)

hope you're not too snowed in there. it seems to have moved to a belt in the middle of the country. oh, and of course, my doorstep as usual :D
Some people like the city/busy hustle bustle of it, i've never lived that close, my nearest fuel station is a mile maybe more away.
My nearest Cinema is about 5 miles.
I did used to have a 3 within a couple of miles but they all closed many years ago.
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