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That transcript is very sad.Marriage is about sharing etc not who is cock of the walk.It sad to see two people acting this way and using such verbal viciousness.
He had 3 number 1's in the Uk
Mysterious girl 2004
Feel you-1996
To number 1 albums

From internet
"He had begun singing from a young age, and began to compose when he was 13 years old. When he was 17, André participated in the Australian TV talent show, New Faces; not only did he win the competition, but he was offered a recording contract on the spot by one of the judges on the show's panel. Two years later he came out with his first hit record in Australia, "Gimme a Little Sign," and the year after that he received a number of awards for outstanding musical achievement and had the highest-selling record of the decade in Australia.
André's single, "Flava," made him the first Australian to have a single debut in the U.K. Singles Chart at No. 1. He followed that with 11 top-ten hits, world-wide, the most successful of which was "Mysterious Girl," which sold over two million copies. His next two singles, "I Feel You" and "Natural" also debuted at No. 1."

PA is a bit naff, cheesy etc I can see why people slate him but he did have a creditable enough pop career back in the day.Not now though, unless he wants to do it for sheer pleasure. I think he simply loves and has a real passion for making music and should gig around small venues and just do that.
He sold his soul the day he joined forces with the Pricey and IMo no "price " was worth it.
No..he had a teen star career, a couple of hits and then it was gone. If it had been creditable he would not be seen as a joke today. He was an early reality "star" who had a bit of success and then spent years acting like the world owed him something because of that.

The amazing thing about Pa is that the first (real) fame did not make him happy, nor did the anonymity that followed. The fact that he chases the former yet blames "bullies" for the latter would imply he really mentally cut out for showbiz.

Shame his management doesn't point that out to him.
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