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The main thing is that Phil Collins left the UK (I really don't care why - I've never rated him as either an actor or a musician anyway) so I'm certainly not going to google just so I can go 'ooohhhh so THAT's why he left the UK'.
Of course he's a crap actor and musician. He's a drummer. What do you expect? Have you never heard the joke "What do you call people who hang around with musicians? Drummers."

Phil Collins is quite clearly an annoying prick in many ways, a man who has become a complete joke in music, a man who even appears to hate himself today. However, it does seem a bit unfair people like you continue to misrepresent him on his politics when there are so many other good reasons to stick the knife into him that are more based in truth and not just based on a story in The Sun of all things! LOL

Collins' "threat" as it was reported by that great bastion of truth The Sun newspaper (as with Frank Bruno, Paul Daniels, Lloyd Webber etc) was that if tax went up to a level where the government was ending up with more of their money than they were, they would consider moving to another country where that didn't happen. Quite a reasonable point of view, IMHO, and one that most people on this forum would also take under the same circumstances. I think you'll find that during the 1970s, when income tax on top earners rocketed under the likes of Wilson and Callaghan, there was a massive exodus of superstars from this country, including David Bowie, Rod Stewart, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, etc ... It's all well documented but they seem to escape much bad press for it.
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