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Oh I can. I think I've caught Perrie catching herself a few times.

One thing I have noticed is that generally people in the UK are more comfortable swearing than people in the US. Obviously we all do it but I just hear it in general conversation more from the UK.
Do you mean like "crap" (yeah Perrie says that word a lot lol)? I don't think it's really that bad a word though I've never heard them properly swear (like the F word or the C word, personally I don't count "sh*t" as swearing as it's quite mainstream now lol) apart from maybe Jesy once or twice. LA and Jesy look like the type of girls who would get some dirty words out of their months when they get feisty lol. As for Jade, the worst I've heard from her is probably "what the hell" I don't think she even says "crap" does she?
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