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In what way was that midfield defensive? The fact that we only scored once doesn't make it negative, it's a symptom of the team not being set up properly in the first place.

Every good international side plays with defensive midfielders - we don't play with any and then still think it's not attacking enough.
The midfield was defensive in the way it actually played - defensively ... it really is that simple and not sure why you can't grasp that.

Unless you are going to tell me it was an attacking midfield showing that was creating chance after chance.

Are you seriously saying adding a densive midfielder in there would have made us play any better because it looked like we were inviting the Welsh onto us for most of the game and it wasn't through superb counter-attacking either on their part.

We are far too negative and when the game was there to be won on both occasions we didn't have a clue how to finish the Welsh off merely choosing to try and limp over the line ...
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