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right so its ok to keep a bird in a cage but not a dog (by your reasoning, not mine, a crate is not a cage if used properly)?

Oh and your kitchen's haunted.

Sorry but any value or relevance that there might of been in your post (and I doubt there was any) or in future posts has been overshadowed by these two idiotic statements.
I certainly dont mind healthy debate

I can see pro's and con's to the use of crates and can fully appreciate that some people could misuse them.
I said I was confused at first and through a search I discovered a crate was a cage. And I live in a 1700s old working cotton mill cottage and I assure you that it is. Quite simply. And she cannot stand it, very weird goings on happen day and night and she'll just growl in midair for no apparent reason, have her tail and hairs on back stand up and act very defensive about something in the room. I see odd light flashes and the lights go on and off by themselves and the plugs are always being unplugged, especially the kettle and telly.
I understand my post did sound quite offensive to those owners who would prefer to use the cage in early development, but it's up to you and what you're used to and your instincts surrounding what is right and wrong and more beneficial to your dog. For us, she was in the kitchen in her big bed (before we moved here) and would stay sound asleep after I went to bed and all the lights were out, outside then quick treat, then rub her belly and go to bed! She'd whimper a bit but go to sleep straight away almost. Since moving here, a few weeks in the kitchen were enough to say something was definitely wrong and I couldn't handle leaving her in there anymore, at first I thought it was mere getting used and settling in, but more time I spent here the more I realised why. I was very skeptic of it all at first but dogs see more in their wavelength field of vision and sense things around you, especially springers, very clever adorable animals. I'm used now and in fact was chatting to my neighbour earlier who had had a priest in her basement, as an inspection before some exorcism ... I'm not bothered do me no harm

And I would agree with that post I think they have a negative thing about them, and I wouldn't wish to lock my dog up in one, my choice.
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