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So they didn't actually meet? I wonder if they did an Olly Murs and got Missy to shoot in a total different location .....or is she not in the video at all . . . .
I think Missy would be in the video, it would be a bit strange if she wasn't in the video at all, what would they show during her part then? I can't think of an example where the feature artist isn't shown in the music video tbh.

What is LA wearing?
Looks like a dungaree
however they spell it. Very similar to the pink one Perrie wore some days ago..
You were right, she WAS wearing a dungaree, I thought it was two different pieces of clothing. And how wrong was I thinking she got covered up, her sides and back were literally showing!

Edit: Also about the single choices, I see a lot of love for Stereo Soldier, Love Drunk and Pretend It's OK. I really think should release SS during the summer, it fits the season so well.
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