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Your last comment is ignorant which I appreciate my post was, I was on a rant as I disagree with cages. Am I allowed an opinion? And wtf you live here and see for yourself you annoying imbecile.
So you expect an opinion but refuse me one

First you call me disgusting and now an "annoying imbecile". Sadly you obviously missed my original smiley implying a tongue in cheek response with the last comment

You've made a huge contribution to a thread that was meant to be a warm discussion about getting a new puppy.

Glad i didn't suggest my kids followed this thread to get ideas for the new family addition ........

Oh..... And for the benefit of others here is the private message i have just received from the poster:

Puppy thread.
Your comment in the puppy thread was out of order. What on earth? Do you bloody live here? You have no idea of my house you c*nt so **** off.

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