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Morning everyone. (this counts for everybody coming in later.)
I don't class driving via a City being related to living in one, which i never have.
I have always lived many miles from the Mersey, I used to live by the River Dee, which runs between Wirral and Wales.

Evening Doods.
You are fifteen minutes drive from the centre of Liverpool.and your newspaper is "The Liverpool Echo"
The ferry over takes five minutes. If you stood on "your" landing stage and I stood on "mine" we could actually wave to each other.

evening hicky

coincidentally, you talking about where you'd lived was interesting to me. where i live the town is a bit too big and city like for me. it's also expensive and i'm contemplating looking at being somewhere slightly smaller. i grew up in a very small town and i did find things a bit easier. i don't want to live in the middle of a big built up place. i'm lucky to be on the edge at the moment, but plan F is to downsize in population

hope you're not too snowed in there. it seems to have moved to a belt in the middle of the country. oh, and of course, my doorstep as usual
Why not move to Birkenhead? Its a tiny rural village in the middle of nowhere apparently.
I hope we all have a better night in my establishment tonight. Rupert has been crying and trying to get out of the little playpen I put him in for his own safety, until the early hours The dog has talent - he can actually climb up a mesh puppy panel and teeter crying at the top until rescued...
Last night at 2.30am, I decided in sheer desperation to leave him out of the pen, and we all got some sleep. At last!!

good night All
You might as well just put him in bed with you. He will end up there anyway.
I know cold air and ice fall, but they only fall due to gravity.))))))))))))

My Cherry Tree had some buds emerging from dormancy but haven't broken it yet.

Some people like the city/busy hustle bustle of it, i've never lived that close, my nearest fuel station is a mile maybe more away.
My nearest Cinema is about 5 miles.
I did used to have a 3 within a couple of miles but they all closed many years ago.
We have a very good cinema within walking distance that still has childrens clubs and obscure and arty films too.
We are probably as near to the city as you are.
We did the earth hour thing here. Switched everything off, lit a couple of candles and the kids and I sat and talked. It was actually very nice, and no harm in at least being aware of earth hour ...
That sounds nice. It must have been like the power cuts of the seventies which I thoroughly enjoyed.
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