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Oh dear... Enjoy your holiday NE!

How are things going Stuart? I'm in housetraining Hell.
Wilbur seems to be halfway there with his housetraining tbh. The breeder had the pups asking to go out for a wee so it was a great start. We have had a few puddles but mostly when we havent noticed him wandering to the door.

He is on a regular 4am first wake up and then 6am is playtime .... hence my posting so early on a Sunday morning obviously he is now fast asleep again now and snoring at my feet

biggest problem we have is his obsession with grabbing at clothes - but mostly the clothes of my 14 year old daughter. She is getting paranoid to be honest but i think its that, because she is youngest, she is much more playful with him so he sees her more at his level. she has lost a few pairs of school tights already tho ! We had a friend bring their 6 year old daughter round yesterday and Wilbur was gentle as anything with her !
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