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Just like her husband.
In defense of Chris Martin, he is the down to earth half of this couple!! He doesnt give 2 shits about clothes, for one thing!! He always seems to be seen dressed in the same things, other than the Coldplay "uniforms"(I once saw a pic of him taken in the street with a torn t-shirt). He himself said that he has worn the same sneakers since the early days of Coldplay!! I have only seen him dressed smartly in a Tom Ford suit and that was last year at an afterbash of the Oscars!!

Chris always has time for fans(poses for pics with them, signs autographs, stops for chats, etc.) and he does WAY more stuff for charity than his wife does!!

To me, they are complete opposites, and it surprises me how long they have remained a married couple, as they come from totally, completely different ends of lifes spectrum, her from Hollywoods elite and him from a small town in Devon!!
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