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Morning, Sophie. Thanks for the tweet updates! Lol!

I remember when Louis and that girl, Pascal, started tweeting! They've been flirting with each other for months!!
Ooh, Jalouse is a very exclusive members only club! Nice one, Louis! Glad to see Gab was in attendance so no danger for things getting too out of hand. At lease not for Louis anyway.
Morning Daisy,

You're the master at posting tweet updates... I'm a bit slow. I admire your research skills too! Don't know how you find all the gems - photos, videos, etc.
Any photos from last night?

I think our Mistress of the Bedchamber will be a bit concern regarding the tweet below:
The girl that was all over @louissmith1989 was an absolute #Worldie #Unreal

I'm not completely confident of Gab keeping things under control - #drinking games, #Worldie, #Ureal. Not if he is partyyyyyying too.
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