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Is it worth trying a sticky?

If you want help, please provide the following:
Make and model of your PC
Operating system and version
Describe the problem, including any error messages
When did the problem start, and had you done anything specific beforehand?

Instructions on how to post a screenshot would be good too.
I asked DS if they would consider a sticky a few months ago. The thing is, the type of OP who doesn't describe their problem in any detail isn't going to read the sticky anyway, so is there any point in having one? My view is that it wouldn't hurt to try, would it? Perhaps if all of us submitted a request for a sticky, it would happen. Have any of you asked for one by contacting DS like I did?
Agree with the mods.
if some people cant be bothered with providing the basics or using Google, they are not going to read a sticky.

But, i do think a link or sticky should be provided with instructions on how to post a screenshot.

We could at least direct people towards that, instead of typing several repiles and wasting time trying to tell people how to do it.
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