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Good Mornering Everyone.((((((( {o-^-o} )))))))

From a big City were the shops are 1 mile away.))))))))

Good Morning Halla, Minks and all who come later..

A lovely day for the run, sunny, but cool in a mountainous place famous for it's wild flowers...
Good Morning Arte.)))))))))))

Morning Arty

Have a lovely run today

As it's still snowing I think I may head back to bed and catch up on some telly :-o
Good Morning minkski.)))))))))))))

Morning halla, minks and Arte
Good Morning Flora.)))))))))))))))))

Morning everyone. (this counts for everybody coming in later.-)
You are fifteen minutes drive from the centre of Liverpool.and your newspaper is "The Liverpool Echo" :-p
The ferry over takes five minutes. If you stood on "your" landing stage and I stood on "mine" we could actually wave to each other.

Why not move to Birkenhead? Its a tiny rural village in the middle of nowhere apparently.

You might as well just put him in bed with you. He will end up there anyway.

We have a very good cinema within walking distance that still has childrens clubs and obscure and arty films too.
We are probably as near to the city as you are.

That sounds nice. It must have been like the power cuts of the seventies which I thoroughly enjoyed.
Good Morning Honey.))))))))))
Hows the Big City then?

Not sure that counts as living in a City.))))))))))

Good morning you lot.

Good Morning Eddy.)))))))))

Good Morning SR.)))))))))))

Good Morning Eddy 2.)))))))))))
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