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According to her website, Pascal was the Bristish Junior Champion when she was 10! And competed for GB when she was 14! So he must have at least known about her. Wonder why she stopped?!

I find Emma Watson a bit snooty, tbh. Having now seen Louis and Michelle Keegan in the same picture, I wouldn't mind if she ditched Mark Wright for him!
Lol... Apologies but I tend to view things through the eyes of the mum of teenage girls.
Not keen on glamour models/soap stars/partyyyyyy. #drinking games, #drunken antics. Hell no.

Emma might appear a bit snooty but she is witty, calm and educated. We saw her at a London Fashion show and she was very relaxed and good natured when approached. Yes, she models for a luxury brand but the photos are not racy. She seems to have fun but avoids the celeb clubbing circuit.
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