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Good Mornering Everyone.((((((( {o-^-o} )))))))

From a big City were the shops are 1 mile away.))))))))

Good Morning Arte.)))))))))))

Good Morning minkski.)))))))))))))

Good Morning Flora.)))))))))))))))))

Good Morning Honey.))))))))))
Hows the Big City then?

Not sure that counts as living in a City.))))))))))

Good Morning Eddy.)))))))))

Good Morning SR.)))))))))))

Good Morning Eddy 2.)))))))))))
I didnt say you lived IN a city but you said you have never lived near one but you do. Very near.
We are possibly further away than you from Liverpool centre. I think its about six or seven miles away(?) Third best place to live in the northwest apparently. (we do have lots of facilities plus green spaces and beach i suppose.)
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