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I was watching parts of S3E5 (working on another one of my projects! ) and noticed something that I don't think we have discussed. Or maybe we did and I don't remember.

When Martin is leaving Louisa's house after being "smarmy" to Holly, Martin asks, "Why do you always find fault?" Louisa responds, "There's no good acting nice Martin, you've got to want to." And Martin shouts, "Why?".

While the scene was played for laughs, I can see Martin's point. Louisa has been after him about improving his bedside manner, and when he does attempt to do this she goes after him. Why does he have to "want to"? Many times in my career dealing with the public I acted nice to people when I didn't want to. Most of the time I DID want to or I would have hated my job, but Martin "acting" nice could be just a first step for him. Unfortunately, Louisa's reaction shut that down.
LG shuts DM down when he agrees to be godfather to Isobel's baby at the end of S3, too.
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