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After the bitter dissapointment that Liz hasn't actually been attacked by a real jellyfish her other article today is back to her offensive 'best':

Combining a complete lack of unawareness of how alcoholics function (despite having family members suffering from it) and some truly apalling racism straight out of 70s TV show 'Love Thy Neighbour'. Has this article been created to preserve the myth of the RS and to give him a speedy exit?
I read this and thought of the RS as well.

Ahhh Liz Moans, showing her stupidity the the very highest level there. OMG! You can buy alcohol in shops which ACTUALLY contain alcohol! ohhhh the terror of it all!

And an alcoholic will not be sated by "low alcohol booze" you stupid mare.

yes, let us restrict the booze so only posh shops sell it as they are bound not to let us commoners with sponge soaked boozed livers in.

I mean god forbid I want to buy a simple bottle of red in Tesco to share on a Saturday night instead of making illegal moonshine in my outhouse out of the non organic potato peelings that might render me blind like a proper commoner ought to.
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