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He could fly out there on Thursday and be filmed handing out Maundy Maltesers in the streets to those poor souls who don't have their own tv show.

He could even attempt to single handedly save the Euro by the power of song while he's there.
You'd think so betty but I think it all comes done to the "kerr CHING" factor. Think how much money (and face) the company would lose?

So not going to watch it though, gave up with the series AGES ago!

(and now I'm afraid to go on hols anywhere beginning with "M")
The question is when is this man going to let his mask slip, will it be in Malta, if the Maltese people are so against him being a cultural ambassador will they vent their views at a public speaking? Will they turn up in their droves and shout obscenities at him? Is this where he will snap and launch into a tirade of profanities?

Of course his mask will never slip because it will cost him his career
Maundy Maltesers

You should write to CAN with your proposalage, Blondie.
That always happens when hes trying to rub the last bits of alka seltzer off his top gum
You guys crack me up.
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