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= [My] pretending to be shocked '' by the date of the [2011] happy families article - having just read the post alleging that Marcus + new girlfriend have been together three years. Joke was on me - not any other poster here.
I understand what the phrase "sheltered life" means (I wasn't born yesterday). I just didn't understand to whom you were applying it.

But yes he had been having an affair for over a year by the time that article was published. So the lesson is don't believe everything you read in the papers - but I'm guessing most of us knew that already.

No they've been messing around for two years behind his wife's back and he might still be doing the same if she hadn't found out and thrown him out. That "perfect weekend" shambolic lying interview was done in 2011 when he had been mucking around with Hayley for a year. He was lying to the pair of them, her and his wife.
And it's now 2013. So three.

Never met him or worked with him, but know several people who work (or have worked) on the Now Show, who have him quite high on their list of "People We Don't Like Working With".
I have. And sadly he made it onto my list of 'people I used to love watching/listening to but can't look at any more now I know what they're really like'. Samuel West is another one. (Timothy West on the other hand is lovely.)

I can now enjoy I've Never Seen Star Wars again but I would find it hard to listen to anymore rants on the Now Show. I know actors are not the characters they play and comedians have a persona but it's still disappointing when they turn out to be ... well... disappointing.
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