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Both columns are breathtakingly horrible again this week. The parts about her sisters are particularly unpleasant; she seems to relish revealing deeply personal stuff about the older one, writing about her alcoholism yet again, clearly naming her and identifying her. Why do this? There's absolutely no justification. What does it achieve, other than to be cruel?

Ditto the endlessly trotted out story of "buying my sister a cottage" which she always makes sound like some huge favour she did purely out of the kindness of her heart. It always smacks of a particularly sadistic type of bullying towards these family members ("Look at the power I have! I can humiliate you in print anytime I like!") Horrible.

As for the house guest....ridiculous. Why not put the heating on instead of buying silly expensive gifts and bragging about them in print? ....And notice how whenever she writes about wanting people to come and stay, it's always about showing off the new house, never about actually valuing their company or having the desire to engage with them as people. I feel sorry for that poor friend who came to stay; you can be sure she will now be added to the ever-growing list of people for whom Liz bought X, Y and Z and will never let the recipients hear the end of it....
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