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Which is fine, of the millions that are used, a tiny tiny percentage may cause a problem.

Telling everyone not to use them is totally pointless, It will have zero effect on the number fitted of which only a minute proportion will actually cause any problems to anyone else.

Basically you massively exaggerate the impact for some weird personal campaign that's going to make no difference at all.

I read that link. To say that there have been only 20 issues is a blatant lie. He means he only knows of 20 reported issues. He also talks about notching out certain frequencies. To prevent interference he needs to notch out the complete RF band, but of cause then they would not work. All PLT installations will radiate interference, you cannot change the laws of physics. You can notch out some frequencies, and it appears most, not all, amateur bands are notched out simply because hams are the people who understand the issue and are liable to complain. There is plenty of evidence, and plenty of links on the web proving the interference issues. And there is at least one retailer who is prepared to be responsible enough not to sell them for this very reason.
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