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From CDAN:

Kid's Choice Awards Special:

#1: This must have been a sight to see last night. Kid's Choice Awards after party. Two huge tweener stars on a show that is currently airing. Mid-teens at best and bent over with their knees on the bathroom floor and short dresses riding up while they do lines of coke off a menu from the party. Meanwhile there were five or six other people in the bathroom.

#2: This almost A list singer/celebrity spent the whole night sipping from a flask of what looked like whiskey. It was brown. Could of been bourbon i guess. She appeared to be playing her own kind of drinking game. The object of the game appeared to be this A list celebrity/singer who our drinker kept referring to as "W*ore," the entire night. Guess they don't get along.

#3: This B+ tweener with a show is slightly older than the character on her show but she was still really smart to keep her 40+ year old boyfriend who is more than twice her age away from the cameras. The person who saw them together also saw them make out. This is her quote. "I'm trying to imagine something more creepy than watching some guy who must be pushing 50 trying to jam his tongue down the throat of someone barely out her teens. At one point she tried to pull away and he grabbed her hair and brought her back. I was almost ill."
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