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Just watched S4E7 with Biff and we noticed a few things:

1. Pauline has the same nasty unappreciative mindset towards Al that LG sometimes has towards DM in S5. He goes to DM to kindly ask him to change her resume, and he's really good at what he says; DM is just intransigent. That was so nice of Al and so well said! Yet, Pauline blames Al for not doing a good job, instead of thanking him for trying as she is walking the puddle.

2. DM gets the letter of acceptance, however he has already gotten Chris to get a new doc for the clinic, as he tells Pauline. That is, DM was so confident of his getting the position after the communication with Dr. Dashwood, he contacted Chris that he is for sure leaving and got Chris to organize a new doc search. All this BEFORE he had his contract in hand. Also, the contract needed to be sent back within 31 days for it to be set, and we never do see DM sending it back to the hospital. Did he? We assume so, as he is told he'll have to wait six weeks for his job in S5, so it seems clear he accepted.

3. DM does not tell Edith he got the position. She tells him she wants him to mingle with others at the hotel to try to promote his getting the job, when he cuts open the bag of blood, and he does not mention, "Oh, I've got the job". Later, when she calls from the hotel, she is all excited that a woman doc on the Imperial Board will be there, and suggesting if DM speaks to her he'll have a better chance. He still does not say he already got the letter.

Why is he not telling her the good news? Why does he hold back?
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