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For all of our "noodling" about how this thing will work out between LG and DE, think on this:

In S4 - E8 "The Wrong Goodbye" LG tells Isobel "No one knows what I see in him." What is that magic? Short word - four letters - one syllable - starts with an L ends with an E.

The Song of Solomon says My lover is mine, and I am his.

I think that she sees the man hidden in the onion, buried under all that armor plate of seemingly indifferent rudeness; the good man he ought to be.

He sees in her that which he is not - kind, pretty, caring, and a steady and loving influence which will complete him, for he knows that which he lacks.

As for their differences, what would you do for the person you love? Hm??? Would you change? I would and I have!
Rob, you have such a way with words! Love it. I shall go to bed happy tonight.
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