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Lots of comments about how the rest of the Spice Girls are sad,trying to drag out their fame, but I think that's a bit unfair. They had a very successful brand so why shouldn't they continue to capitalise on it? They obviously wanted to play the Queen's jubilee and could not contain their frustration. Westlife, Take That, they're all lost a singer and carried on, the SP should be allowed to do the same?

Equally, VB needs to stop using the SP brand to promote her goods because rocking up late and sulking just to get your clothes noticed is disrespectful to the rest of the girls. She obviously did some sor tof deal with the Olympics where by her name would be included in the British Fashion Icons section to a global audience in exchange for her appearance.

Let them go on as a 4 piece, do a Saturday Night show, recruit a new member, whatever. Whatever you think of their music, they have been held to ransom long enough and all parties need to be able to do what they want to now.
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