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Hmm, let me just check my post again. Yep, just as I thought, I didn't say anything of the sort.

All I suggested was that I hope that anytime this smug, self-satisfied snob, who for years has taken such obvious glee in ridiculing and insulting others for their faults, misfortunes and opinions, decides to have a dig at somebody in future he gets reminded of just how much of a creep we all now know him to be.

I think that's only fair.
My point, which I think I made clear enough the first time, was that I don't think cheating is the worst crime in the world therefore I don't think it should preclude his ability to insult say, thieving corrupt bankers, murderers, racists, rapists, etc etc.

Your post seems to suggest that if Marcus Brigstocke had a go at (for instance) Jim Davidson for being a serial wife-beating, drunk driving, alleged rapist that 'Oh, but you cheated on your wife' would be an appropriate response.

By the way, for what it's worth I think Marcus Brigstocke is every bit as smug and unfunny as you do.

Horrible, horrible man.
But I imagine most of these awful, mediocre, rent-a-comedians are far too chummy and cliquey for anybody to really put the boot in.
I love that you use 'rent-a-comedian' as an insult, as if every professional comic who ever lived hasn't essentially been rented to perform for money.
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