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The full trailer is expected in May. The sneak peek on Sunday will most likely feature some footage too.
I watched the "Sneak peek" last night.
A bit like previous video blog's. The only actual footage of the 2nd film was a couple of minutes of Gandalf entering the cavern containing the tombs of the 9 Kings of men.
Radagast the Brown appears whilst Gandalf is in one of the tombs and they discuss how dark/evil the place is.
There's some behind the scenes footage of the Master of Laketown played by Stephen Fry & Bard the Bowman ( Luke Evans ) ,Thranduil ( Legolas's Father ) , Legolas and new character Elf "Bodyguard" Tauriel played by Evangeline Lilly.
A lot of the webfeed was Peter Jackson & Jed Brophy ( Nori ) in the editing suite with Peter answering questions from youtube video and twitter posts.
I was really hoping for a sneek peek of Smaug but Peter wasn't having any of it. He played along allowing "possible" Smaug's on several computers to be seen. All being daft mock ups.
I suspect the full feed will have been recorded and be on youtube or thehobbit website soon.
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