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As has already been alluded to, there's a lot of "self-selection" in the old movies that tend to get shown these days - there's such an enormous pool to choose from, and such limited slots (and getting less all the time unfortunately) that it's not surprising that it's mostly only the "classics" that end up getting shown

Being "Old" or "black & white" aren't quality marks in themselves, but I do think that older movies were generally less constrained by notions of being "cool" or "hip", and concentrated more on straight ahead storytelling, which I appreciate more & more as time goes on.

What I do find very strange is that older movies tend to be much shorter than newer ones - you'd think that shorter attention spans these days and ever-faster editing would lead to the reverse, but not so... quite why dull sitcom "This Is 40" needed to be longer than "Citizen Kane", "It's A Wonderful Life" or "Vertigo" (hell, even "Star Wars") is something only Judd Apatow can tell us!
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