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I don't understand what exactly Lindsay has done to deserve this constant hounding. There are loads of young people in the USA getting wrecked every day of the week on vodka and hard drugs so why is she picked on? I agree that she does appear to be rather irresponsible but is she really so different to all the other people of her age visiting clubs and having a drink?

If she really is an alchoholic then she will not be cured until she herself desires it. No amount of sending her to jail for a few hours or these fake rehabs will make any difference. Do we really know that she is an alchoholic or a drug addict? Or is she just a social user?

As to her being a criminal drunk driving (and shoplifting) maybe reckless and stupid but she is hardly in the major league here.

I am not defending her silly behaviour but just trying to point out that people are very down on her when there are others doing a lot worse.
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