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One of the few massive UK successes that don't tend to incur the wrath of the 'build 'em up to knock 'em down' brigade. As TV presenters they are simply on another planet compared to 'rivals'. I also genuinely believe their lasting friendship is entirely real and they actually ARE as nice off camera as they are on camera.

Their rendition of Let's Get Ready To Rumble on Saturday night was fantastic (and I'm speaking as one who never rated their musical output).

I meet Ant and Dec on several occasions over several months, in production meetings, on film sets and photoshoots, and they are the only famous people I have ever known to be exactly exactly the same as their public persona. After a while, I become a bit obsessed with trying to work out what is real. Is their on-screen charm a telegenic invention, which they've trained themselves to keep up off-camera? In the end, there is only one possible conclusion: Ant and Dec owe their success in an industry built on artifice to of all things authenticity.
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