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It might just be because I like OTT villains, but it was one of my favourite performances of Anthony's. I'm not belittling Brian Cox when I say this. I think he's a brilliant actor. I just prefer Hopkins' potrayal of the character. Have you ever seen Nostalgia Critic's video comparing Manhunter to Red Dragan? I agree with a lot of what he says, but I prefer Norton's version of Will Graham.

The French and Saunders sketch always makes me laugh

I cannot agree, I think over-exposure and over-familiarity essentially cheapens and dilutes a character over time, and therefore lessens the impact of the character when you watch he movie again.

As much as I enjoyed Hopkins portrayal of the character at the time, I now find it hard to take seriously because not only have too many inferior sequels been made, but like the Freddy Kreuger character it has been parodied mercilessly by Simpsons, Family Guy, French and Saunders and endless other similar shows, and people were walking around doing their oh-so-witty 'I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti..ffffffftttttt' impression...since when do serial killers have catchphrases, for gods sake?

When something like this becomes so iconic that it is considered fair game for everyone and anyone to mimic or ridicule it, I don't see how anyone can claim they can still go back years later and state that the character still has the same impact.

The same thing happened with the Matrix introduced us to 'bullet-time' photography, which we all thought was cool and unique at the tie...until every blasted action director started using it, them came the skits and the by the time the second and third movies came along we were heartily sick of it.
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