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Didn't she go abroad for a lot of her surgery because they wouldn't do it here?
Don't know if she went abroad, but it doesn't sound as if the people she went to were members of the cosmetic surgeons professional body BAAPS (), so perhaps all they were interested in was making money out of a sad woman with a lot of problems.

Consultant plastic surgeon Kevin Hancock, of the British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), says: ‘A sizeable minority of those seeking cosmetic surgery aren’t psychologically suitable for a life-changing procedure – particularly if they seem excessively concerned about an imagined defect, or worry their perceived flaw is unduly affecting other aspects of their life.
‘BAAPS surgeons regularly turn away one in five patients, in many cases for mental health reasons, but the sad reality is that, even when we urge them to seek support from a psychotherapist, they may simply continue to shop around until they find a less-conscientious provider who will treat them.’
The association is developing a standardised questionnaire that would flag up those at risk – a tool that could be adopted by all clinics.
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