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I wonder if the staff in Greggs have been told not to sell donuts or pies to overweight people?
Likewise newsagents advising customers not to smoke. It doesn't make sense to blame someone for selling you a product when that is how they make their living. Whilst I accept that she obviously has some psychological problems, she can't shift the blame for what has happened to her onto someone else.

I also find it hard to believe that some of the surgeons didn't at least try to put her off.
She was banned from having surgery in the UK, according to herself, so that's a lie for starters that no one tried to stop her. Always the victim, eh. And she funded her surgery with cynical kiss'n'tells - And we're supposed to feel sympathy for her!

In the absence of anything of substance, she's been trotting out these atttention-seeking poor me sob stories for years - this one dates from 2009.
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