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They are useless, they lied about trying to deliver a parcel to me last week, I was in all day and they said they had tried to deliver and I had refused the parcel, it went all the way back to where it started, at the original depot, then came all the way back and was delivered a week later. Why do they feel the need to lie?
i think they are telling me porky pies again.
i rang up this morning and a woman said she was very sorry for the inconvenience, and that she would pass on my phone number so i was aware at what time the parcel would be getting delivered today.
i have had no call/text as yet. and the status on the website just says 'out for delivery'.
she could not explain why the website said there was a note through my door saying they attempted delivery.

im really still miffed, why do companies use Yodel STILL ?!
they must be extremely cheap.
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