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I don't know if he is gay or not ( I doubt it) and I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear soon that he is seeing a certain radio presenter's daughter.
I don't care if he is gay either, they are great on TV and it shows that they are great friends off TV. (should the presenters daughter be on the blind forum as I have no idea who it could be). Another clue please

I have never watched Red or Black , Britains got talent for two years, and nothing of Sat Night Takeaway this year but I always watch I'm a Celeb...they make the show. I just watched the Rhumble video from Sat Takeaway with a smile. I think they are brill at what they do and there isn't anyone else to touch them in their field.

oops got my threads mixed,thought this was the And and Dec cannot do no wrong...but nevermind, the same applies!
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