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sorry to drag up an old thread but I just find this woman so annoying, all she has to do is open her mouth;

'While Halle loves France, she won't be learning to speak French until she lives there as Olivier thinks it will be too much for her to take on at the moment.

In an interview with HELLO! magazine, she said: 'I was told very lovingly by him not to work on it too hard now but to wait until we get to live there. Because for me, at my age and with all that I already have on my plate, trying to learn French is probably one of the hardest things I could possibly do.

'He thinks I'll have an easier time when we're living there and immersed in the culture - if we ever get to go that is.'
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Anyway haha Halle, only another 13 years to wait until you can move to France
maybe he just cant be bothered to teach her French, in case they wont last that long....I wonder if Kylie bothered to learn...maybe he just cant be bothered but you'd think that he might speak it around Halle and her daughter, I'm sure the little one would pick it up much quicker.
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