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Agreed that Mahunter is superior, though I still like SOTL.

The only thing that dates Manhunter is the 80's Miami Vice sheen to it, but then Mann had not long finished his involement with the tv series, so that's understandable.

But you are also right about the cast...Petersen was never better, except maybe in To Live and Die In LA. The great Dennis Farina, Stephen Lang (his scene strapped in the wheelchair is mesmerising and terrifying), Tom Noonan, an overpowering presence ('You owe me awe!), and Joan Allen in an early role (The scene with the live tiger is just one of many brilliant moments that this movie is just filled with).
Slightly OT but I totally agree with you about To Live and Die in LA. No-one seems to talk about it now but it's an excellent film.
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