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Can you point out where she did that?
Where she did what?
Personally I couldn't care less if she says she's a 5 month foetus.
If you are happy to be lied to that is up to you, although it would seem strange to then believe a proven liar.

You seem unwarrantedly angry about her - has she hurt you in some way?
Yes, yes she has. She took my eye out with one of her former boobs in a tragic goat riding accident.

To me she sounds like a seriously effed up woman who's trying to rebuild her life, what's wrong with that?
Cos she sold the same story in 2010...
ETA - just found this old thread.

She was 38 when that thread was in action, so she'll be around 40 now. Georgia was born when AD was 22 so she's 18 now.
It's good to see you don't care. Thanks for checking something I already knew, though.
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