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What do you expect him to do, adopt one of the millions of unloved, unwanted and abandoned babies or children that are already here? And miss out on his ego trip? Perish the thought!
Hang on, so If you are gay, there is a rule that says you must adopt? You aren't allowed to use your perfectly healthy sperm to conceive your own child?

Adoption is a completely separate issue. Do you also think if a heterosexual couple are having trouble conceiving they have to adopt? You don't believe in IVF or surrogacy here?

Why do so many people on here have issues with surrogacy? A comment before about buying a baby? It's not really true...surrogates get paid for medical expenses, time not in work, for new clothes etc etc to ensure the baby is healthy and grows well.

You aren't any better parent because you made a baby by conventional methods. I don't go to my mum and dad and thank them for having sex, as that's the main reason I think they are the best parents in the world! Parenting is way more than that..come on!

God people make me so angry.
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