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I remember I read in papers last Friday, that Cheryl DID tweet that they were split up, and they wasnt happy that Nadine tweet first after split that she don't want them to split up... you can see why. Wish Nadine the best too as she is only one got talent!
Oh she did, I wonder if her PR scrubbed the tweet and Nadine has took lets say "the bait" for it and yet this is why the blame lays with Nadine yet again. I do feel sorry for Nadine but know what if she has to back stateside all the best at least she can lay low whereas here in UK all we get is Cheryl and couple of them will never be out of press/media and again personally I couldn't give less than a toss about the mimer (worst offender of all) but on the other side of this whole argument they are GROWN ADULTS act LIKE one than be "divas" about it, yet Cheryl is supposedly the more "successful" one yet throws a tantrum on a tweet, wasn't she the one that was not really wanting to do this "10" year reunion or whatever its called and if by chance "split" is now announced so she can get her songs out now, wouldnt surprise me if she does get back on X Factor UK/US as thats where she seems to get sales and other times they basically flop (or nearly do). Cheryl in my opinion is one overrated person but I don't think she can sing or dance, no wonder music nowadays is so generic!
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