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I've always felt sorry for Nadine. Anyone who watched Popstars The Rivals will know that Nadine is the only one can sing, the rest of them were crap especially Cheryl and Kimberley so its quite laughable how the media fawn over those two rather than the others. Nadine is the scapegoat, the assumption has always been that because she lives in the US she had issues with the other girls but didnt she follow a boyfriend out there and then her parents followed her?

Completely OT but Cheryl Cole has alway struck me as someone who's quite unpleasant and bitchy and I remember her making snide remarks about Sarah to the press not long after the band got together. It's almost like she, Nicola and Kimberley have their little clique and the other two aren't welcome.

During their documentary Nadine kept trying to chat and have a laugh with the others but they weren't having any of it. Was quite uncomfortable actually.
I noticed this too. Cheryl didn't come off very well in that show at all. Nadine and Sarah looked very much like outsiders in the band, I think some of the other girls had a bit of resentment because they wanted Javine in the band instead.

It's sad because Nadine is the most talented, but I think the fact that she went off to the US and distanced herself during their hiatus worked against her. The girls are great together on stage, but they wouldn't work as well without Nadine, so it's sad that she gets so much stick.
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